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Whats it's Call


Hello, my grandfather.

Y1'1t'44h, shicheii.

Hello, my grandchild.

Y1'1t'44h, shits07.

I am learning Navajo. You help me.

Din4 bizaad b0hoosh'aah. Sh7k1 anilyeed.

All right, I will help you, my grandchild.

H1gosh99, n7k1 iishyeed, shits07.

What is this called, my grandchild?

D77 haash woly4, shicheii?

This is called hogan

D77 hoogan woly4,

How about this, what is it called?

Eiish2', haa woly4?

This is called Chidi.

Eii chid7 woly4.

What about those, what are they called?

$7sh2', hash woly4?

Those are called dibe

$7 dib4 woly4

What are those called?

$7 haa woly4?

That is called mosi

$7 m0s7 woly4.

Whats that man called?

Din4 47 haash woly4?

That man is called Kee.

Din4 Kii woly4.

Kee, what is your mother called?

Kii, nim1 haash woly4?

My mother is called Bah.

Shim1 Baa' woly4