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Whats it's Call


Do you have a mother?

Nim11sh h0l=?

Yes, I have a mother and father.

Aoo', shim1 d00 shizh4'4 h0l=.

Do you have a grand father?


Yes, I have a grand father.

Shicheii h0l=.

Do you have a grandma

Da' nim1s1n77sh h0l=?

Yes, I have a grandma.

Aoo', shim1s1n7 h0l=.

Does your grandma have sheep?

Da' nim1s1n77sh bidib4 h0l=?

My grandma has sheep.

Shim1s1n7 bidib4 h0l=.

What is this called?

D77 haash woly4?

This is called horse.

D77 [99' woly4.

Is it your father's horse?

Da' nizh4'44sh bil99' 1t'4?

Yes, this is my father's horse.

Aoo', d77 shizh4'4 bil99' 1t'4.

How about your aunt, does she have a horse?

Nim1 y1zh7sh2', bil99'7sh h0l=?

My aunt has a horse.

Shim1 y1zh7 bil99' h0l=.

Do your grandfather and grandmother have sheep?

Nicheii d00 nim1s1n77sh bidib4 h0l=?

Yes, my grandfather and grandmother have sheep.

Aoo', shicheii d00 shim1s1n7 bidibe h0l=.

Okay, thank you.

L1'22, ah4hee'.

All right.