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Whats it's Call


Are these your sheep, my friend?

Da' d77sh nidib4 1t'4, sik'is?

No, they are not my sheep.

Dooda, doo shidib4 1t'4e da.

Don't you have sheep?

Nidib44sh 1din?

Yes, I dont have sheep.

Aoo', shidib4 1din.

Do you have goats, my friend?

Nit['7z77sh h0l=, sik'is?

I used to have many goats but not now.

Shit['7z7 t'00 ahay07 ]t'44' ndi k'ad 1din.

How about horses?


I have horses. There are just a few.

Shil99' h0l=. $7 t'11 d7kw77.

Your son doesn't have any sheep?

Da' niy11zh7sh bidib4 1din?

Yes, he doesn't have any sheep but he has goats.

Aoo', 47 bidib4 1din ndi bit['7z7 h0l=.

Whose horse is this?

D77 h17 bil99'?

It is my son's horse.

Shiy11zh bil99'.

Isn't this your horse?

Da' d77sh doo nil99' 1t'4e da?

Yes, it isn't mine.

Aoo', d77 doo sh7 da.

Aren't these goats yours?

Da' d77 t['7z7 doo ni da?

Yes, they are not mine. They are my son's.

Aoo', doo sh7 da. Shiy11zh b7.

All right, my friend, thank you.

L1'22, sik'is, ah4hee'.