English Navajo
How are you? Hala nit1?
Its been a long time since I seen you. h1d33 sh99 t'11 neesh'99 nit'66'
good afternoon Nizh0n7go h77[ch'9'
I love you father. Shi zh4'4 'ay00'an7sh'n7.
Hello my family and my people. Y1'a't44h shik'47 d00 shidine'4.
Love your father. Nihi zh4'4 ay00'adein0'ni.
sorry dool1d0' dooda da
Have a nice day. Nizh0n7go nee 'ado'11[.
What's your name? Haash yinily4?
Water is Life. T0'4i 'iina at4.
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