English Navajo
turn the tv volume down n7[ch'i naalkid7 yadig44s
Thank you very much. T'aa'a7iyis77 ah4he4.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Y1'1t'44h K4shmish d00 baa h0zh=-go Nihee N7n1doohah.
Its been a long time since I seen you. h1d33 sh99 t'11 neesh'99 nit'66'
Come in. W0sd66 yah'1n7nah.
happy birthday baa h0zh=0go nidizchi
I'm washing my clothes. Shi'44' yiisgis.
I love you. Ay00'an7ish'n7
Im tired. ch44h diy1.
Come here Emma. Emma hag0.
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