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Y1'1t'44h `ab7n7

Good Morning


Good bye

Y1'1t'44h, shim1.

Hello, my mother

Y1'1t'44h shizhe'4

Hello my father

Y1'1t'44h shiy11zh.

Hello my son (female speaking)

Y1'1t'44h shiye'.

Hello my son (father speaking)

Y1'1t'44h shich4'4

Hello my daughter. (mother speaking)

Y1'1t'44h shitsi'.

Hello my daughter.(father speaking).

Y1'1t'44h shik'is.

Hello my friend

Din4 bizaad b0hoosh'aah, shim1.

I am learning Navajo Language ,my mother

Eii y1'1t'44h, shiy11zh.

That is good my son (female speaking)

Shim1 d77 din4 haa woly4?

What this man's name mother?

D77 Din4 Gilbert woly4.

This man's name is Gilbert

Gilbert bim1 haa woly4?

What is Gilbert's mother's name?

Gilbert bim1 Betty woly4.

Gilbert's mom's name is Betty

Linda biy11zh haash woly4?

What is Linda son's name?

Linda biy11zh Bodie woly4.

Linda son's name is Bodie

Linda, Din4 bizaad b0hoosh'aah.

Linda I'm learning Navajo language.

Eii y1'1t'44h, shiy11zh.

That is good my son

Eii Din4 haash woly4

What's the man's name?

Eii Din4 `at'44d Morning Rain woly4.

That Navajo girl's name is Morning Rain.

D77 Din4 `ashkii Bodacious woly4.

This Navajo boy's name is Bodacious.

D77 ch'ik55h Stephanie woly4.

This young lady's name is Stephanie.

Eii ts7[k47 Elijah woly4.

That young man's name is Elijah.

Elijah 47 `0[ta'.

Elijah is going to school.

Y1'1t'44h, shicheii.

Hello, my grandfather

Y1'1t'44h, shits07.

Hello, my grandchild

Din4 bizaad b0hoosh'aah. Sh7k1 'anilyeed.

I am learning Navajo. Help me.

H1gosh99, n7k1 `iishyeed, shits07.

All right, I will help you my grandchild

D77 haash woly4, shicheii?

What is this called, my grandfather

D77 hooghan woly4.

This is called a hogan

Eiish2', haa woly4?

How about that, what is it called?

Eii chid7 woly4.

This is called an automobile

Eii sh2', hash woly4?

What about those, what are they called?

Eii dib4 woly4

Those are called sheep

Eii haa woly4?

What is this called?

Eii m0s7 woly4.

That is called a cat

Eii Din4 haash woly4?

What is that man called?

Din4 Kee woly4.

This man is called Kee

Kee, nim1 haash woly4?

Kee , what is your mother called?

Shim1 Brenda woly4

My mother is called Brenda